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Hello once again :)

By Pamela on Sep 29, 10 09:56 PM in

Wow last time I wrote anything was way back in June!!! Can't honestly say that I had a lovely summer!! I started my Return to Practise course and absolutely hated it! I thought it was a complete and utter waste of money and that the course was badly organised!! I packed it in after a week or so due to the fact that hubs managed to get a job and that meant I had no childcare for the summer hols. I did try to defer my placement but the uni staff were about as much use as a chocolate teapot!!
Hubs didn't fare much better, he lasted 6 weeks in his job until they decided that he wasn't fit to work due to his illness and sent him for a medical which he of course failed!! It was an absolute nightmare!! We have been to hell and back! Everyone else says he's fit to work so don't know what the problem was, think they just couldn't cope with having someone with HD working for them!! So it's back to good old Jobseekers - NOT!
Have spent the past week decorating the kitchen, nightmare! Next task is the bathroom soooo not looking forward to that! Just trying to keep busy and tidy the place up for chrimbo.
Loving this weather, all that rain yay! I love autumn, love when the clocks go back and it gets dark really early and everyone stays in. Shut the curtains, get your PJs on and curl up in front of the TV - fab:)
Anyway this is just a wee post so am now off to bed.
Take care.

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