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Time for a rant....ever since David Cameron got into Number 10 all we've heard about it the amount of people 'skiving' on the dole!!! There is a big hoo ha going on about Incapacity Benefit being changed to Employment and Support Allowance and how everyone is having a medical done and that the majority so far have been told that they are fit to work. The reason that I mention this is because it seems to be the general opinion that people are better off on benefits and that those claiming Disability Allowance or otherwise don't deserve it! I do not know where the government is getting their figures from as I can assure you that we are NOT better off on benefits!! My husband worked for 24 years straight from school having never claimed benefits in his life! He was devastated at being made redundant and having to go to the Job Centre and sign on! He hates being on benefits and feels he has let me and the kids down by not being able to provide for us. Then of course to add insult to injury he was diagnosed with a terrible disease that significantly shortens his life and means that the chances of him working again are almost zilch! He is entitled to claim DLA as a result of this illness so it makes my blood boil when I read about 'skivers' claiming benefits! My husband would much rather be working than on benefits and have his health too! I gave up work to look after my kids after working 18 years straight out of school, I never claimed benefits as my husband earned enough to keep us. I wouldn't have given up work if he couldn't so to now be in the position of having to claim benefits is very upsetting indeed. Don't the government realise that yes while I'm sure there are people who don't need to be on benefits there are also those that have no choice!!!
I really feel that this point needs to be clarified instead of making us all out to be lazy toerags living off the state!


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