Happy Birthday

By Pamela on May 14, 10 10:11 AM in

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me....yup it's that time of year again when I pretend I'm not older and am only 21!!! Not a bad day so far got beautiful flowers from the kids and hubby has gotten me tickets to see the Scissor Sisters in Glasgow yeah!
I am starting Uni on June 7 and have managed to get a grant to help me pay for it so I'm chuffed at that. I am rather apprehensive about going back to nursing as it's been 6 years since I last worked!! As the course gets nearer my nerves are working overtime!!! Eeeek!
Still it's a great opportunity to buy some new pens and a new bag :o)
I have just been checking out our new government's spending or rather lack of spending plans for the future! It's all very scary stuff! We can only hope that things improve for us and that DC doesn't mess things up in the way that his predessor did!! Hope I spelt that correctly!
Only 6 weeks to the summer hols and so far I have had to fork out a small fortune for all the camps that the kids are going to! Guess who has to do all the packing?? They are actually going away this weekend too and hubby is going along with them so I am going to be spending my birthday alone in front of the TV - bliss :o) I still have to pack all the bags for that trip!!!
Apparently the Real Radio Renegade is floating about today and my sister is out looking for him! That doesn't appeal to me in the slightest! Of course it would be fab to win money but not to run about the streets looking for someone!
Anyway just a wee blog today as I'm off to have a birthday lunch!
Ta Ta xxx


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lorna johnston said:

hi pj
happy birthday
isn't it amazing how quickly the years go in the older you get.
sorry about that depressing thought.
great to hear the news about the uni course and almost envy you for having a day to yourself on your birthday.
you deserve it though.
have a wonderful birthday aye.

Susanas said:

Happy Birthday xxxx Lucky you have a great time they are amazing x


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