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Hello everyone, did you all have a lovely Easter? My lot got way too many eggs as per usual!! My youngest decided that she didn't like the 'big' eggs so she gave them all to mummy hee hee! No wonder I can't fit into my jeans lol! The Easter hols have been nice and quiet or should I say had been nice and quiet! All has been well until yesterday when the village idiots decided to start banging on my window again and pulled the window wipers out on my car!!! This is why I hate the warm weather as it just brings them all out to cause mischief!! Hubby was getting all annoyed at them and he's not supposed to get stressed so it was a rotten evening!
Never mind we're supposed to be getting snow this weekend that should keep them indoors!
Update on my Return to Practise - I was offered a place at Uni prior to my arranged interview, was told that I no longer needed an interview but to come up to the information day. So I duly attended - what a disappointment! I was told that there is a good chance I will not receive a placement local to me and might have to travel up to 200 miles!!! Where is that feasible with 4 kids and an ill hubby?!! Also found out that there is no funding for this course so I would have to pay £780 to do it and would have to work for free when on my placement!! Was not impressed! So now I have to wait and see where my placement will be before I decide if I want to continue with the course! Was not a happy bunny when I returned from the Uni that day!! Guess it's back to the drawing board! Really need to win the lottery, that would sort out all my problems!
I have been catching up with friends that I haven't seen in a long time, it's amazing how many people have gotten in touch since hearing about hubby's illness! It was nice to get out and chat about normal things rather than the doom and gloom I normally have to face!
I have stopped watching the news as everytime I switch on it's all about the election! I can honestly say hand on heart that I have no idea who I am going to vote for as I don't think any of them have anything interesting to offer! It's actually a scary thought wondering what state the country will be in after election!!
Anyway just a short blog to touch base and say hi to all my fans...............Ha! Ha!


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lorna johnston said:

hi pj
great to see you back again.
sorry to hear about the disappointing time you have had.
this is why it is important to vote and get the right party in.
god help us if the tories do.
cannot bear the thought, you would probably be worse off if they do.
look on this as a blip or a hurdle to be knocked down, nothing is impossible if it is for the right reasons and you are determined enough to succeed.
keep your chin up pj it will all come right in the end i am sure of it.

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