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By Pamela on Mar 4, 10 01:25 PM in

Howdy fellow bloggers:) Thought I'd best get motivated and write a blog again. Have been living quietly and trying to get things back to normal. Doing not too badly but if truth be told it's more down to me ignoring hubby's illness! It's the only way I can cope with it just now!
So here we are into March already! Every year seems to be the same, racing away from us before it begins! I have absolutely loved all the snow although we didn't get it half as bad as some of the country did! There's nothing better than being all wrapped up warm and cosy for facing the elements! Or being snuggled up in front of the fire with a cuppa and a good book - ah bliss :) But now it's spring and the snowdrops are out, which is lovely to see. Not much of a gardner myself ( as you can tell from the state of my pots!) but I do appreciate seeing beautiful flowers and shrubs. Maybe once the kids are all older and less reliant on me then the garden might get the TLC it requires!
February was a busy month for us as both of my daughters have birthdays, one at the beginning and one at the end of Feb! We decided to have parties for them and both were a resounding success and a tad expensive but worth it to see their faces! Was rather annoyed at a few not turning up after saying that they would! Not even a phonecall or explanation! Rather rude I thought, I mean if they had said they couldn't make it I could've arranged for someone to take their place! Still it didn't worry the girls or spoil their day:) My son's birthday is this month and he'll be a teenager but think the teenage sulks may have already started! I blame the XBox! I'm sure many mothers out there will agree with me that their son's turn into monsters when playing either the Xbox or the PS3!! Sigh! and many more years of sulks to look forward to - not!
Hubby still has no job so we are thinking maybe he should just go back to college and do something he enjoys to pass the time. We have no idea how many good years he has left so he might as well enjoy himself while he can. He needs to get out of the house and give me my sanity back - ha ha! I have taken the plunge and applied to return to nursing! I have an interview next month and am a little apprehensive about it!
Apart from that not much else has been happening! Been having a laugh at the escapades of all these famous folks being caught out sexting etc! How the other half live eh?
At least us Scots can smile at our team actually winning for a change yay!
Well that's me for now, will try to update this sooner rather than later! Looking forward to Easter for a rest and to eat all those lovely eggs - mmmmm!
Take care x

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