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Road Rage

By Pamela on Dec 11, 09 03:48 PM in

OMG how bad is the car park at the SECC? Took my daughter to see Paramore last night which was absolutely fab until we had to get out of the carpark!!! I sat in a queue of traffic for at least half an hour before I even got out of the car park!!! I don't mind letting the odd car in front of me but last night one driver really took the biscuit!! He drove straight at me giving me such a fright and no option but to slam on the brakes! I then had to wait until he managed to turn his car to join the queue!! Not even a wave, toot or flash of his lights to say thanks! I was furious! I bet he wouldn't have been so happy if I'd done the same to him! Absolute bedlam and then you have to pay a £5 for the privilege!! Absolutely shocking! So it kinda spoilt my evening, that and the fact that I had to drive home in a nasty fog which was real scary! Not sure if my daughter has been traumatised by it all!!
Anyway been busy wrapping up presents today and as usual have run out of wrapping paper, you'd think I'd learn as the same thing happens every year!! So have had to shove the presents back into my hiding place until I can brave the cold, foggy weather to go out and buy some more!
The house is all lovely and christmassy now that the tree and decorations are up, I love this time of year. Went to my daughter's nativity yesterday and shed a few tears, I do every time I watch a nativity, think it's lovely.
Well must dash and pick the kids up from school, catch you all later xx

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