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By Pamela on Nov 20, 09 07:05 PM in

My poor daughter has chickenpox! It is working it's way round her class and has landed at our door! One bonus was that the school was closed for inservice so she didn't miss any lessons but I somehow doubt she is going to be fit and healthy when it restarts on Monday! Just waiting on my youngest catching it now as she is the only one who has not had it! Not looking forward to the next week or so!
Trying to muster up enthusiasm for Christmas but it hasn't happened yet! Doesn't help that all I seem to get in the post these days is bad news!! Had contacted my insurance company to see if I could claim my Critical Illness cover due to my hubby's condition! Well typically Huntington's is not covered and they have written to tell me that they won't be paying out but if his condition becomes terminal then I can contact them again!! Charming eh? I don't understand how they can cover the likes of MS, Motor Neurone, Parkinsons etc but not HD!! I mean they all cause very similar symptoms and the outcome is the same! I reckon it's because no-one famous has suffered or died because of Huntington's that most people don't know what it is and insurance companies can rip you off by not paying for it! I am so angry! I mean he has been told not to work because of his condition yet we are expected to continue paying the mortgage!! Life is just so unfair! As if his diagnosis wasn't bad enough we seem to be getting hit from every corner! Someone said to me recently that when her hubby was diagnosed with HD it was like all the joy was sucked out of her life! Boy was she right! I cannot imagine being happy again!
Best change the subject before I depress all the rest of you! I can't wait for X-factor, Strictly and I'm a celebrity to end as then hopefully I can stop reading about it in the papers! Our TV seems to be invaded by umpteen reality shows it's a wonder I can find anything decent to watch!! It's all everyone seems to be talking about these days too!
Proud moment for me on Rememberance Sunday as my daughter paraded with the Army Cadets and Veterans. I always cry when I watch the poppy wreaths being laid and it is so sad that there are so many young lads being killed almost every day! It must be awful for all the parents who watch their kids being sent off to war and worrying if they will come home again!
Anyway I am off as I have well and truly depressed myself now! Off to put some more calamine lotion on my baby's spots.

Life so far

By Pamela on Nov 3, 09 07:40 PM in

Hello everyone, thought I had better write something just to let you all know how I am doing.
It's been a rough few weeks I can tell you, I have been through every emotion possible and then some! We are just taking each day as it comes but that hasn't stopped the nightmares! Last week was a bad one as I was just so depressed the whole week and kept thinking about the future! I just want to scream at people when they ask me how I am doing, so have taken to staying at home and avoiding people! I am bottling a lot of it up inside because I feel I can't tell my hubby how I feel because he then feels guilty and apologises!! I mean it's not his fault he has this horrible disease!! The kids don't really understand and I don't want to spoil their lives by constantly crying!! It's really, really tough!
On the plus side we all went to Centerparcs in October for the week and had a brilliant time. The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed themselves, hubby even managed to chill for a wee while and forget about it all. However when we were away one of my neighbours and her gang of idiots thought it would be amusing to knock my door and run away whilst my sister was house sitting. When that didn't get much response they threw an egg at my front door!! I mean really, what goes on in their pea brains???? I wanted to come home and bang their heads together!! Thankfully there has been no trouble since we came home but I sit at night wondering if it's all going to start up again! My hubby doesn't need the stress of the village idiots tormenting us! Oh to win a few millions on the lottery and move somewhere nice and quiet!
Back to the subject of Centerparcs my mum was telling me that there was a feature on Watchdog about it with regards to their pricing! I have already written emails to them querying how it can be £350 the week before the Scottish holidays and £750 the week of the holidays!! Haven't had a decent reply yet!
Halloween was very quiet, only had 3 people at the door and my mum only had 1! I think most people decided to stay at home and have parties instead, at least it wasn't raining! We've had some torrential rain here! Hedgehog weather - if only we could hibernate for the winter! Just got Bonfire night now and if truth be told I hope it pours down then as I hate fireworks!!! My little dog hates them too and gets into a terrible state when she hears them!
Anyway that's me for now so hope all is well with my fellow bloggers and I hope to catch up with you all soon.
Take care xx

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