Broken hearts

By Pamela on Sep 24, 09 02:31 PM in

Have had devastating news this week - my beautiful husband has been diagnosed with Huntingtons disease. My heart is broken and I have spent the past few days crying non-stop. I cannot believe that this has happened to us and am devastated that my kids might have it too. Life is so unfair and I am finding it very hard to believe in God at the moment.
I just wanted to let all my fellow bloggers what is going on as my blogs have been kinda erratic the last wee while and I think they may continue to be for a bit longer.
Remember everyone to hug your kids, hubby,wife or partner, tell people you love them as life is too damned short to be angry and bear grudges.
I feel awful broadcasting this terrible news but in a way it's also a relief to tell you at the same time. Please pray for us as at the moment we need all the help we can.
Take care x


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lorna johnston said:

hi pj
i just wrote a comment and it got messed up.
here we go again.
i am so devastated for you.
you are such a family orientated person and i cannot believe what you have told us in your blog.
listen keep writing your blogs when you can.
it seems like god is not caring but believe me he is.
i read somewhere that even though we do not always get what we want god is leading us on to better things.
this is devastating but there is always a reason for it.
keep your faith pj don't be negative.
hope is what carries us through.
you know that you have fellow bloggers here who will support you.
listen i am here for you and i mean it sincerely,
if you can find my e-mail address in the information you were given at the beginning then e-mail me whenever you want.
if you haven't got it then would one of the sunday mail people who read the blogs please let pj have it.
i will be here for you pj don't worry.
and so will everyone on the site as well.
take care pj
god bless

Susanas said:

Hi PJ,

Sorry to hear about your husband, this will be a very difficult time for you all, I have attached a link to a webpage that supports not only people who have inherited this condition but also supports there families.

In the meantime, If there is anything I can do to help just drop me an e-mail xx

I know I travel all over the country but I check my email at least 3 times a day.

The hardest thing for your husband is to accept what is happening to him as it is very easy to pretend that nothing is wrong. I am happy to come and support you and your family through this and Lorna is correct we will all stand by you, It is also a very worrying time for your children but you have to remain very positive for them all, they might be fine x you never know I know millions of people that it has not been passed down.

Keep yer chin up hen xxx



William said:

Hi PJ,
I'm so sorry to hear of your husbands illness and the possibilities with the children. I know that we don't converse to much, but this site has some very strong people on it and i urge you to use them and any resourses they point in your direction.
I've just done a blog for the first time in about 6 weeks and if you read it, there may just be something at the end of it for you to take away with you, but i'm sure that God will be watching over you and all the family, i will include your husband along with my Dad in my prayers this evening.
Contact anytime.
William (Re-Hab)

lorna johnston said:

hi pj
thought i would just keep tabs on how you are coping.
we are still here for you.
if you want to e-mail me i will give you my hotmail address.
it is
E-mail me any time pj.
hope all your family are coping at this time.
take care

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