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Broken hearts

By Pamela on Sep 24, 09 02:31 PM in

Have had devastating news this week - my beautiful husband has been diagnosed with Huntingtons disease. My heart is broken and I have spent the past few days crying non-stop. I cannot believe that this has happened to us and am devastated that my kids might have it too. Life is so unfair and I am finding it very hard to believe in God at the moment.
I just wanted to let all my fellow bloggers what is going on as my blogs have been kinda erratic the last wee while and I think they may continue to be for a bit longer.
Remember everyone to hug your kids, hubby,wife or partner, tell people you love them as life is too damned short to be angry and bear grudges.
I feel awful broadcasting this terrible news but in a way it's also a relief to tell you at the same time. Please pray for us as at the moment we need all the help we can.
Take care x

By Pamela on Sep 8, 09 12:50 PM in

Wow it's September already! I love this time of year, when the nights get darker and it's time to put on the woolie jumpers and cosy up in front of the fire! Just as well I suppose seeing as the weather has been so bad recently!
The kids are all back and school and settling in nicely - although I'm sure the elder two would disagree with that! They are already counting down to the October holidays!
Not much been happening in my house recently, hubby still has no job and it doesn't look like he's going to get one any time soon! It's not for the lack of trying either!
Scotland is a sad state of affairs these days! Between all the carry on about the Lockerbie bomber, Gordon Brown's running of the country and our football team us Scots are taking a beating! Just glad I'm not holidaying in America this year! Not that I'm holidaying anywhere mind you! I have to be honest and say that I've stopped watching the news as our country is suffering a serious backlash at the moment! It's all just doom and gloom! Kinda like the weather!
Oh well life goes on as does the housework and my washing machine is calling me!
Just a little blog today, really must remember to do this more often!

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