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End of Summer

By Pamela on Aug 12, 09 07:40 PM in

The summer hols are nearly over hooray!! I have managed to survive them relatively unscathed!!! Actually apart from the weather the holidays have been ok. My kids have had fun and that's the main thing, the only blight has been some of the local idiots causing grief!! Aren't idiots easily amused? Walking home the other evening with my kids we passed a crowd of them who all laughed when my daughter tripped up!! Thankfully she didn't fall or hurt herself and was oblivious to the fact that they were laughing at her but I was seething!! I didn't say a word to them as I didn't want my kids to hear any of their smartarse replies but it upset me for the rest of the night! I mean who finds a child tripping up funny? It's awful to be intimidated by a bunch of kids but that seems to be the norm these days isn't it? Makes you wonder if these people have a conscience? I can only hope that karma will get them back!
As usual our scottish summer has been a wash out and never more so than when I went to Edinburgh Castle to see Duran Duran!!! I got absolutely soaked right through to my underwear!! Walking down the Royal Mile with soaking wet jeans was not a pleasant experience at all - never have I wished for a concert to end more than I did that evening. The band were excellent but it still wasn't enough to stop me from feeling absolutely miserable!! No more outdoor concerts for me methinks!
We took the kids to Dynamic Earth which was pretty entertaining but very expensive!! Why does it have to be so expensive to take your kids anywhere? Don't think we'll be back anytime soon!
Getting real fed up reading in the paper every day about Jordan & Peter Andre!! I agree there are 2 sides to every story but she really isn't helping herself with all that she is getting up to but I also do not think he is as innocent as he is making out!! He's just acting for the cameras, I feel so sorry for the kids. Do famous people never think to go to counselling rather than dragging their kids into all the sordid details of their divorce? Still I guess it beats having pages & pages of Big Brother to sort through!!
Nice to see John Hartson looking well on the front page today although I cannot believe he didn't get his lump checked out for 2 years!! Why do men fear the docs so much?
Still no luck on the job front for hubby - that's been 9 months he has been unemployed now and according to the news things don't seem to be improving much do they? Think I need to hire him out as an escort to some rich lady ha ha! Don't think he'd appreciate that much!!!
Well it's time for Holby so I'm off for a TV fix xx

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