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By Pamela on Jul 4, 09 01:17 PM in

Is everyone enjoying this lovely weather? No? I didn't think so! We all love to moan about the weather, it's too cold, it's too hot etc.... Personally I prefer the cold weather as I like to be all wrapped up, sitting in front of the fire watching TV or reading a good book. I'm not a sun worshipper but that's probably because I just go lobster red if I sit out in it too long!! I find sunbathing incredibly boring but it's too hot to do anything different anyway!!
The summer holidays have started off well for the kids with the sunshine, my lot have been asking for a new paddling pool everyday as last years had too many holes in it!! How does anyone manage to store them away neat and tidy for the next year? We haven't managed that one yet! I've enjoyed the thunderstorms that we've had inbetween the hot sunshine - lovely.
I have to confess that I dread the long summer holidays as it means that there are gangs of kids roaming about with nothing to do but cause mischief!! So far we've had our front window banged on 3 nights in a row, kids draped over the bonnet of my car and about 30 kids running riot through the street!! Some of these kids are below the age of 5!! I mean what do the parents of these kids think they are doing? I know kids get bored but do they really have to cause misery for the rest of us!! My mum and dad get kids banging on their windows at night too or running through the garden whilst pelting stones at the window! No point phoning the police as the kids just vanish when they arrive then come back when they have left and continue their taunting!! Sometimes I wished I lived in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours at all!!
We've seriously considered emigrating but as I can't stand the heat here I doubt I would survive in Oz!!!
It's sad that the streets of Britain aren't a safe and happy place to live although I am sure that there are some lovely places to live and that not everyone has troubles like we do!
On a happier note I have just managed to book tickets to see Billy Connolly at Glasgow in October!! Doubt if I'll actually see him where we are sitting but just to hear him live will be enough - best wear some incontinence pants that night!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Andy losing the semi-final. don't think I could've lasted in that heat for that length of time so I think he did really well, not that I am a tennis fan.
Anyway it's still way too hot but I think I'd best go and do some housework as not much has been done the past week due to the heat!

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