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By Pamela on Jun 19, 09 04:42 PM in

Hello again, been ages since I blogged anything!! Been a busy few weeks but then June always is a busy month as the kids gear up for their summer hols! I have been to three sports days so far, all my kids did well especially my daughter who came first in a few races! She obviously doesn't take after me as I hated sport when I was at school! Weather still can't make it's mind up! The wedding I attended last month I ended up wearing trousers and boots as it was freezing and had been blowing a gale!! So my dress was a total waste of money - typical! The wedding was lovely though and a good time was had by all. We were at a BBQ at the weekend and were having a lovely time until the heavens opened and down came the rain! I was wearing sandals too and ended up with soaking feet!
My poor mum is currently hobbling about with crutches as she has terrible back pain. The docs are still trying to find her some assortment of painkillers that help. So far she has ended up either sleeping all day and seriously constipated!! She goes to see a specialist next month and it can't come quick enough for her!
Hubby still has no job - over 100 jobs applied for and only 1 interview!!! Don't think either of us thought it would take him this long to get another job! I don't watch the news as much now as it's all doom and gloom about the job situation! What chance do we have when almost 200 people are applying for every job?!! How can you sell yourself to a company when you have zero confidence? Sad times.
My eldest finished up at school today a week early due to the fact that her school is moving so her brother isn't pleased as he has another week to go!! He moves up to the high school after the hols. Sadly my daughter's Primary teacher doesn't have a job next term. She was doing her probation year and I feel so sorry for her that she isn't being kept on. It's terrible that people qualify as teachers then can't get a job! If the schools made their classes smaller then there would be plenty jobs for everyone! That is one area that the government has let us all down in! Smaller classes indeed!
Busy week next week with lots of events at the nursery for me to attend. Looking forward to the summer hols so I can catch up on some well deserved sleep!!! I'll be so lucky - the kids will probably still wake up at the crack of dawn.....
Off for now to have some pizza so tara x

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