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By Pamela on May 15, 09 11:40 PM in

My blog seems to have multiplied itself all on it's own!! Weird or what?
My poor kids are off to a Scout camp tonight in that horrible rain!! Hubby got the car stuck in mud dropping them off and had to be towed out!!!!!!!! Good job it wasn't me or I'd have cried, real damsel in distress stuff!
I am still chilled to the bone after having spent the afternoon in Muiravonside Park with my daughter on her nursery trip! Force 10 gale blowing when we were there, poor wee mites were blue with the cold! Typical Scottish summer eh?
I'm a bit worried about this wedding tomorrow as I have a summer dress & strappy sandals! Think perhaps the wellies and winter woolies would be more appropriate! Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
Well I'm off to bed so have a good weekend everyone :o)

Happy Birthday

By Pamela on May 14, 09 06:37 PM in

Happy Birthday to me :o) Yes it's that dreaded time of year that creeps up on you and when everyone reminds you that you are a year older!! I have actually had a lovely day, nice cards, flowers and an extremely yummy cake. Since hitting 30 (a while ago!) I don't like birthdays as much! I don't feel any different from when I was a teenager but looking in the mirror is a tad depressing these days! Having a teenage daughter makes you feel even older especially with the comments she makes abut my attire! 'Are you wearing THAT?' is a favourite! I have another two younger daughters so have many sarcastic comments to come methinks!
Going to a posh wedding on Saturday at the Duck Bay Marina so was off shopping for a nice dress, can't remember the last time that I got dressed up for a posh do so am quite excited. I hope the weather stays nice and sunny for us.
Speaking of weather I am going on a trip tomorrow with my daughter's nursery so hope Mr Sunshine keeps his hat on for us! Hope the kids are all well behaved and I don't come back with a headache!!
Looking forward to getting the chance to go and see 'Angels & Demons' and the new 'Star Trek' film. I seen on the news last night that soon all films will be in 3D, I'm not too keen on 3D films or sitting withe those silly glasses on especially as I wear glasses!! I'm all for new technology etc but not all change is good!
Anyways I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day and perhaps have a wee glass of wine so cheerio xx

By Pamela on May 4, 09 01:11 PM in

Where has summer gone? It's freezing today, wind is blowing with occasional rain in May!!! I know Scotland can have four seasons in one day but seriously where is the sun? I thought the heating would've been switched off by now but I have to keep putting it on as it's been really cold in the evenings!! Brrr will have to sort out my winter woolies again methinks! If truth be told though I do prefer when it is cold and you can wrap up in layers because then no-one worries about dieting or looking slim! I hate all the glossy mags obsession with being thin! I'm not overweight or anything but I do feel guilty everytime I eat chocolate or cake! I never used to but reckon hitting the big 4-0 last year has added the guilt...
Anyway we are still busy decorating here aaaaargh! Decided to blitz the place during the Easter hols and managed to get the living room finished and some of the hall but then my son went away for a week with the school so I decided to do his room whilst he was gone!! So I have paintbrushes in an assortment of colours now! Totally knackered now both me and hubby are soooo tired - reckon that's age too har har! Just a few things to finish off in my son's room then back to the hall....
I was well impressed to see my blog printed in the Sunday Mail a few weeks ago :o) Didn't actually notice it myself, hubby pointed it out to me so I have cut it out and have it on display on my notice board :o)
Hubby still has no job that's coming up 6 months now, unbelievable! I think he needs to retrain and do something different but we're at a loss as to what that should be!
My dad is 65 next week so am busy trying to find an exciting pressie for him, so far unsuccessful!! My birthday is the following week and I keep getting asked what I want? No idea!!! Also have a wedding coming up and don't have an outfit!!!!!!! It's at the Duck Bay Marina at Loch Lomond so very posh! I haven't been to a wedding in years so have no idea what I should wear? Any ideas?!!!!
Being driven mad by hay fever and am constantly sniffing and sneezing - no I don't have swine flu! Aren't the papers going a bit OTT over this? I mean they were the prophets of doom and gloom with regards the bird flu and that didn't really come to much did it? There's never any good news printed is there?
Back to the weather, it doesn't seem to be putting the gangs of kids off roaming about! Last weekend we had water balloons fired off our window at 10.20pm!! Nearly had a heart attack :o( Of course no-one to be seen when we went outside!! My mum and dad have been getting stones etc fired off their windows but the kids hang about waiting for them to come out then give them mouthfuls of abuse :o( don't their parents know what they are up to?!! I know some people have had eggs etc thrown at their windows, surely the shopkeepers must know that a gang of kids buying eggs or flour aren't up to any good?!!!!
Anyway best go and do some more painting, bank holiday monday and all the kids are still in their PJs watching TV, might just go and join them........TTFN xx

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