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By Pamela on Apr 8, 09 06:16 PM in

Easter is almost upon us and the kids have way too many chocolate eggs already!!! I've given up eating chocolate - well haven't had any in 5 days - to try and prove to myself that I don't need it and also to see if it makes me feel healthier!! Had a discussion with the kids about Lent and what you would give up, their suggestions were broccoli and asparagus!! So I said I'd give up chocolate (I know Lent started ages ago but never mind!) hence the reason for no chocolate! So will I be good and not eat any on Easter Sunday!! Maybe just a small piece....
We are busy decorating the sitting room and I am fed up already!! I hate decorating with a passion and would like to move into a 5 star hotel whilst it was done for me (wouldn't everyone?) the smell of paint is disgusting!! So due to the awful weather the kids are stuck in their rooms as downstairs looks like a warzone!! My problem is I own too much stuff and when I have to empty a room there is nowhere to put it all!!! But I like all my ornaments, candles etc makes the place nice :o)
Five months that hubby has been out of work now, sad times, there just isn't any jobs out there and the ones he does apply for he hears nothing back!!
My dad is 65 next month so we are busy trying to plan something for that! He got his bus pass the other day which amused us all greatly! Loads of birthdays next month mine included!!
Not much has been going on here since I last wrote and I can't imagine the rest of the hols will be of much excitement, I'll be excited if we finish the decorating ha! ha!
And on that note I'm off to buy some more paint!

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