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Hello again :)

By Pamela on Mar 29, 09 03:58 PM in

Hello everyone! I seem to have been busy doing nothing these past few weeks and time has just flown by!! Wish I could say that I had been doing something constructive but sadly not... Hubby still doesn't have a job and that is coming up 5 months now so we are feeling a bit down at that - never thought it would take so long!!
Both my dad and hubby have been to the docs recently and are having a variety of tests done!! To say that I am worried is an understatement!!! Having a nursing background just means that my imagination is in overdrive!!
It was my son's 12th birthday this week so yesterday we took him and the rest of the troops to see Monsters v Aliens - a good time was had by all :) We all went to Pizza Hut afterwards and ate way too much - as you do!
My daughter is a member of the local army cadets and received her uniform last week so I had to go on the hunt for boots etc for her. She is now fully kitted out and looks like a mini action man in all her gear, she is quite small for her age so it took them a while to find a uniform that would fit her!! She went for some shooting practise a few days ago and apparently was 'scary' - just goes to show being smaller isn't holding her back!! Braver than me she is as I would never have considered joining the cadets at that age!! Mothers day wasn't as expected as hubby was in bed with manflu!!! Daughter no 1 said that he was 'pathetic' as when I'm ill I still get up and do everything....nice that she notices eh?
The wee ones are looking forward to Easter and the youngest asks me every day when is it Easter so that she can have a chocolate egg for breakfast!! I'm just looking forward to not having to get up every morning!! Killer this morning getting up after losing an hour!!!
Been a sad few weeks with the shocking death of Natasha Richardson - quite scary that such a silly little fall killed her, certaintly made me have a few bad dreams about my mortality!! How awful for her hubby and kids! Sad that Jade Goody died also but the difference was that hers was expected...doesn't make it any easier though!
Well that's all from me for now as I'm off the feed the troops. TTFN xx

By Pamela on Mar 3, 09 02:51 PM in

Hey guys, have you been watching the new series of 'Law & Order UK'? Wow! Cried my eyes out at it last night what a story!! In case you didn't see it, it was about a 13 year old who had been kicked to death by another 13 year old, shocking stuff but in this day and age all very true! It certainly threw up a lot of questions as to whether or not kids should be charged as adults etc... I suppose it's easy to say if it happened to your child you would want the key thrown away but what if your child was the accused? It was so sad when the accused's mother said he was a monster, he just stood in the dock and cried, I guess that's when you realise that he was just a kid too. I mean can people be born evil? I have seen some nasty people in my time from school to everyday living and have nursed some at work. It's a very grey area and since having kids myself I feel very protective of them and would do anything to save them from harm but after watching Law & Order last night I really don't know what I'd do if it was another kid that harmed them! Brought back memories of the Jamie Bulger tragedy but the difference there was he was killed by people older than him, granted still children but older all the same. Kids can be so evil to each other from the name calling to the bullying and you wonder where it comes from, is it some rougue gene that makes them act that way or is it just human nature? I was bullied at school and I still break into a cold sweat when I walk past groups of kids, I also worry more about my own kids as a result. I was told once by a workmate that having kids made you stand up to the bullies but I can't say that has applied to me, I try to avoid confrontation and just keep my fingers crossed that all will be well. Thankfully my kids seem to be getting on fine at school and have only had minor incidents of bullying. The problem is how to deal with bullies etc I mean no-one wants to see kids locked up for ever but what is the alternative? There really aren't enough specialised places to deal with the explosion of teenage terrors! Everyone seems to blame the parents but at the end of the day you can't watch your child 24 hours a day and they could be a different person at home to what they are outside - scary eh?
Anyway just had to get that off my chest... I love Law & Order and was a bit worried that the UK version would be rubbish but so far it has been pretty impressive, long may it continue.
Forecast is for more snow tonight and at the moment I would say it was cold enough for it, my little dog loves the snow so walking will be fun. She doesn't like the wind though and was very reluctant to go out in it this morning so it was more a drag round the park than a walk! Almost time to walk her again so will have to drag her out again.
Well on that note I'm off to pick the wee one up from nursery ta ra!

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