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mad world

By Pamela on Feb 25, 09 02:41 PM in

As I write this blog my hubby is swinging on a ladder trying to put up a blind on the velux window.......just hoping he doesn't fall!! So far this week he has managed to saw open his hand so I had to do my nurse stint and stitch it together (paper stitches) and put on a dressing! It was that bad he didn't even look at it ha ha! It's my baby's birthday tomorrow, she'll be 4!! She is full of the cold so is feeling a tad miserable, I do hope she is ok for her big day! She's at nursery just now but isn't full of beans like she normally is. Don't know what it is about my kids but they all seem to be ill on their birthdays!
Been reading through some of the other blogs online and think mine's must be the most boring!! Everyone seems to have a mission or a serious topic to chat about and I just blether about my little life! Aw well it's interesting to me! Some people have been lucky and written books about being a mummy slummy or yummy take your pick!!
Hubby is still footering aboot on the ladder.........
Was in Glasgow last night seeing the brilliant Snow Patrol at the SECC - they were totally brilliant:) That is the busiest I have ever seen hall 4!! There were loads of people at it! Gary was a brave man and jumped into the crowd to play RUN sadly we were nowhere near him! Really good night though thoroughly enjoyed myself:)
Still no luck on the job front for hubby and now considering whether he should apply to do something different, problem is where? I mean he's done the same type of work for almost 25 years which direction should he go in now? Have considered returning to work myself and making him a stay at home hubby but the thought of the mess he would leave in the house is putting me off!! No idea how to tidy up that man!
Everyone seems to have an opinion about Jade Goody these days so thought I would throw in my tuppence worth....don't care much for her and never watched Big Brother or anything, I personally think she should go about her business in private and I think her sons would have preferred quality time with their mother rather than a media circus following them about just so they could go to private schools! Cancer is an awful disease and it doesn't care who it affects, I have nursed many people with cancer and seen many die young and old and it is heartbreaking every time. It's good that public awareness has been raised but in Scotland women are screened from age 20 it's England that needs to change that as it is 25 down there. Time will only tell how Jade's sons will react to all of this circus surrounding their mother, it is them that I feel the most for, yes it is very sad that Jade is dying so young but we should remember that there are lots of other people in the same boat, some younger than Jade. Everyone has lost someone they know or loved to cancer so as long as we remember everyone that cancer has affected and not just concentrate on one person who just happens to want the world to know her business! I have to say I agree with Smeato and with Bill Leckie, no-one wants Jade to die but sadly it is going to happen and I really do feel it should be private. Ok that's all I'm going to say to if anyone wants to shoot me down for my comments feel free.
Ok almost time to pick the kiddies up from school so best go and haul hubby off this ladder xx

Cheers everyone for your comments on the dreaded nits!!! Think I have finally managed to get rid of them.... why is it that everyone says they only go to clean hair? Does that mean if you didn't wash your hair for a month then you wouldn't get them?!!!
Kids off school this week so we decided to take them to the zoo, had to queue for almost half an hour before we got in!! Lovely day though and I was well impressed that the koala bear was awake! The kids were more impressed with a squirrel...paid all that money to go see a eh? Thinking about taking them swimming tomorrow but not sure if the wee one will go. Last time we took her to the pool she didn't even get wet!!! She screamed so loudly that I left before our toes even touched the edge of the pool! Not sure I can go through all that again!
Hubby still has no job and with the amount of people being made unemployed on a daily basis I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever work again! On the plus side he is busy working on our house so guess I should be thankful for small mercies eh?
Got my little doggy's fur cut last week, had been attempting to do it myself but she just looked like a ragamuffin (is that how you spell it?) I don't know how anyone manages to get a dog trimmed and look decent, I take my hat off to them.
Dyed my hair the other day to hide those dreaded greys - although technically mine are white - and I'm not impressed with it, looks nothing like it does on the box, think I'll complain to Davina McCall ha ha! I'd love to be really outrageous and dye it bright pink but I think my kids would disown me!!
On the subject of kids I'm off to chase them into bed as hubby is watching the footie and can't tear himself away so ta ta!

Snow day

By Pamela on Feb 2, 09 08:02 PM in

Yipee it's finally here! After all those times we've been told that it was going to snow and it never it has at long last graced us with it's presence! The kids were so excited when they got up this morning and it was great fun walking down to nursery marching through the snow. I love the sound of it crunching under your feet. Our schools were all on today so it's been quite amusing hearing from my mates down south who have all had a snow day! A wee bit of snow and the country grinds to a halt eh?
My sister has just rushed into Asda to buy herself a sledge and now her and her boyfriend are off to find the biggest slope to zoom down! They asked me to join them but I declined - don't fancy broken bones!
Being driven mad by nits at the moment!! My daughter had the misfortune of having them and after treatment and endless combing she is now clear! However I have to check her hair every day because there are kids in her class who have them and who obviously don't get treated!! You're not allowed to tell the school that someone has nits because it's unfair on the child!!!!! Seriously need to bring back the nit nurse! Short of sending my kid to school wearing a shower cap or shaving off her hair what are you supposed to do? The school dismisses it as a social problem! How can any parent send their kid to school with a headfull of lice - shocking! Getting obsessed with the wee blighters and am constantly rummaging through my kids hair (as well as my own!!) like a monkey checking for fleas!!
Anyway it's snowing again so think I'll go and put my wellies on and drag the dog out for a walk - lol!

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