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an interesting week

By Pamela on Jan 25, 09 04:05 PM in

Hello everyone, how's life treating everyone? We're doing not too badly, hubby still doesn't have a job but we've decided to stop moping about and to enjoy the fact that we are healthy, have 4 beautiful kids and each other! It makes a huge difference to your daily life when you're a bit more upbeat about life.
Mind you it's been some week lurching from disaster to disaster! As I've mentioned before we are trying to do some decorating, well we haven't gotten very far as everytime we try to do something it all goes wrong!! Hubby burst his lip open when trying to remove ironmongery from an old door and a screwhead hit him in the face - ouch! So much blood! We had a good laugh about it afterwards but not so funny at the time! I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Will have a party to celebrate when it's finally finished - ha ha!
Attempted to sell some stuff on e-bay but the proved to be a huge hassle!! So don't think I'll be trying that again any time soon! Some people are just so rude!
Spent the weekend at home as my son has been ill and in bed, he always seems to fall ill at the weekend or holidays, poor thing, must really love school eh?
Hubby had a phonecall from a company wanting to update his CV for him but wanted about £500 for the privilege!!! I asked if it was gold-plated!!! Needless to say we declined their offer!
My daughter has been ploughing her way through the Twilight books so never see her except at meal times! My sister has already read them and is now reading them again! I've just finished reading Inkheart which was pretty good, I like to read the book before I watch the film. I have about 20 books that are waiting to be read! Don't have the time these days to sit and read, I love when the weather is bad to be curled up in front of the fire with a good book! Too many of my fave programmes on TV at the moment though - Lost starting back up tonight so that will be me confused all over again!
Anyway happy Burns day everyone, I'm off to have some haggis, tatties and neeps!


By Pamela on Jan 17, 09 03:42 PM in

Ooops! I'm getting worse at remembering to write my blog!! Can't believe the last time I wrote anything was Christmas day!! Where does the time go? Kids are back at school now and life is settling back into it's normal routine with the exception of hubby who still has not managed to find a job!! He's been unemployed for almost 10 weeks now and the lack of jobs out there is very depressing! He has applied for quite a few and what is really annoying is that only a few have taken the time to get back to him! How hard is it to send someone an e-mail or letter saying thanks but no thanks? Hearing nothing at all is soul destroying, makes you wonder if there is something wrong with you? Hubby is trying to be upbeat about it all but it is hard! Living on benefits with 4 kids is no fun at all!
So is everyone bracing themselves for the wind tonight? Supposed to severe gales around the country! I'll be staying in I think and the earplugs will be getting stuffed in the ears tonight so I don't hear anything!! My youngest has decided she doesn't like the wind and the rain and was very reluctant to step outside and go to nursery as a result!! Don't blame her at all, definately hedgehog weather out there!
Supposed to have some snow too which would be great! I love when it snows but don't like when kids throw snowballs at the windows!! Why do they have to do that? My mum and dad get stuff thrown at their window all the time as they live at the end of the row next to a footpath! Kids throw things then run away so by the time my mum or dad gets to the window they have gone!! Really angers me! I mean kids like to have fun but they don't have to be mean in the process! Not looking forward to getting old and sitting in the house worrying about stuff getting bounced off the windows!!
It's getting darker and darker outside and it's not even 4 o'clock yet!! Time to go and batten down the hatches methinks!!

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