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Merry Christmas

By Pamela on Dec 25, 08 03:24 PM in

Merry Christmas everybody, hope you are all having a lovely day. Mine's isn't too bad - still clearing up rubbish and plastic pieces! Why do kids toys have to be packed in so much plastic? You need a tools to get into some of them, how they expect a kid to do it is beyond me! As usual my lot have gotten way too much toys so now I will have a headache trying to find somewhere to store it all! That and all the sweets - have had to hide them or they'll have no teeth left for going back to school!!!!!!!!!
And no snow - how disappointing was that? I was at the midnight service at the church last night which was lovely, it's the first time that I have ever been and I definately think I'll be back, it would've been so magical to have come out of the church to some snow though!
Anyway this is just a wee blog, best get back to the family and sort out some dinner.
Have a good one.


By Pamela on Dec 19, 08 11:39 AM in

Hey Ho bloggers, how are you all doing? Life is being real nasty to me just now, we've all been hit by that awful sickness bug and I have spent the last week mopping up sick as well as being sick myself!! Nasty! Now I'm a nurse but I soooo hate cleaning up vomit! yuk!
Anyway is everyone ready for Christmas? I think I am? Got most of the food in and think I've got all the presents, just have to hope that I'm right! Kids are getting excited, they all finish up at school today, the wee one finished nursery yesterday, she wasn't too keen to get her pressie from Santa though!
Went to see Coldplay last week, they were brilliant, a totally awesome show! I loved all the butterflies that landed on top of us:)
so who is the lucky blogger that has been headhunted by the BBC? Guess my blogs are too boring - ha ha! Who wants to hear about a stressed out mummy's life eh? Saying that there seems to be an awful lot of books out just now on that very subject!! I've missed my calling!
It's lashing down with rain at the moment and blowing a gale, I do hope it's not like that for chrimbo, I would so love it to be a white christmas!
Ok I'm away for now and will try and get back to you before the big day itself!

Christmas is coming!

By Pamela on Dec 8, 08 07:26 PM in

Hiya Guys,
Would you believe I have been struck down by that dreaded flu bug AGAIN! I think my immune system has gone on holiday as it certainly isn't being of much help to me at the moment!! I spent the whole weekend in bed with a very painful nose alternating between being blocked or running!!! Nasty! I also keep switching between boiling hot to freezing cold! I just hope I manage to shake it off before the big day!
I'm sort of organised, hubby being made redundant hasn't helped but we're muddling through!
Just checking to make sure I have sent off all the chrimbo cards and not left anyone out!! I always seem to manage to do that every year!!
Lots of chrimbo parties coming up for the kids so trying to make sure they have a nice outfit to wear! Really don't think much of what the stores have to offer!! Either too grown up or too old fashioned!
Still no snow - am very disappointed!
Still no luck on the job hunt for hubby, very soul destroying so it is! Does anyone need a joiner?
Anyway just a wee blog for now, I'm off to have a cuppa and blow my nose!!


By Pamela on Dec 3, 08 05:10 PM in

hello everyone, sorry that I am late in blogging once again!! Can't shake off this flu bug at all, it's done the rounds and we've all been hit by it and now I seem to be choked up again!!
I'm so pleased that it's been snowing though! A real winter! I love when it snows but not too keen on driving in it but don't have anywhere to go these days so I can stay at home and watch it from the window. One of the few advantages of hubby being at home is that he takes the kids to school and picks them up again.
Still no word of a job! It's very gloomy and money is very tight! Thankfully I had most of my chrimbo shopping done! Don't know how people survive on benefits as we don't seem to be getting very much - not that we've had any yet!! They certainly don't hurry themselves when they are sorting it out!
Seen the Stereophonics at the SECC last night! Superb! Kelly Jones was amazing! Did consider trying to sell the tickets on to make some money but decided hubby and I needed cheering up and Kelly & co certainly did that! Mind you had a laugh as I had lost my glasses and wasn't sure if I'd dropped them in the car or in the loos but security wouldn't let us out to go and look for them!! Don't know what they thought we were going to do!!! Luckily found them in the car when we headed home!
Hope no-one is going to the SECC anytime soon as the roadworks there are shocking!! Took us ages to get to the carpark last night and they charge you £5 for the privilege!!! Definately think it should be free parking especially after the price you pay for tickets!!
Christmas tree is up and twinkling away in a vain attempt to make me feel christmassy!! Always used to put my tree up 12 days before xmas but it gets earlier every year! Maybe should leave it up all year - ha ha!
Oh here's a wee chuckle for you all - my Aunt arrived from Australia today and my parents headed up to Edinburgh Airport to collect her, on arrival discovered that her flight was in but they couldn't find her - turned out she had just hopped in a taxi and headed to their house!! My mum is still fuming!! I thought it was pretty funny - guess I wouldn't have laughed if it had happened to me!!
Until next time - TTFN


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