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A Miserable Time

By Pamela on Nov 18, 08 06:28 PM in

Hello fellow bloggers! Well that cold that I had crept up on me and turned into full blown flu!! Completely knocked me for six! Had a truly miserable few weeks, sniffing and coughing! Haven't had much sleep as a result! Then on top of all that my husband was made redundant - no warning, nothing - 24 years service to be told sorry company has gone into liquidation! So no redundancy, notice or wages!! We have zero cash and according to the job centre won't get any for about a fortnight!!! So we are completely miserable and worrying about how to pay bills and feed the kids! Life is so unfair, can't believe his company did that to all the men!!! Wouldn't be surprised if they start up a new company next month!
There are no jobs out there either, all we do is sit on the computer looking up job sites and checking the papers! Doesn't help that the building trade is going down the tubes - thanks Gordon Brown!
Trying to be upbeat for the kids sake, the wee ones think it's great that dad is home all day long - sorry mum disagrees! It's a nightmare having him around all the time, upsetting my routine! Fingers crossed he gets a job real soon before I go insane!
Isn't all the news about Baby P so sad? Can't believe no-one stepped in to save the wee mite! I'd have taken him straight to hospital and demanded he was checked out then informed the police! Still in hindsight easy to say eh? I actually stopped reading most of it as it made me cry!
Anyway I'm away to Morrisons to see what bargains I can buy with the least amount of money possible!
Until next time!

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