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Late as usual

By Pamela on Oct 28, 08 10:28 PM in

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry for the delay but been having a nightmare time recently!
First of all have had a horrible cold which resulted in me being blessed with a rather attractive cold sore on my nose - nice! Then my internet connection decided to play up and it has taken me the past few days to get it up and running again! Absolutely no idea what had happened to it and really don't know what I did to fix it so fingers crossed that it was just a blip and all will be well now. All this modern technology eh? What did we ever do without it?
The kids were on holiday last week and we did absolutely nothing! It was quite nice actually not having to rush about getting everyone ready for school etc. Back to reality this week and of course the weather decided to become rather nasty for all those walks up and down to school! I love this time of year I must confess, the dark nights, getting all the winter woolies on, hats, scarves etc. At least you don't have to worry about looking fat as all the layers you pile on hides it all away ha ha!
Went to see Fall out Boy at the SECC last week and thought they were fantastic! Really enjoyed myself and it was very entertaining watching all the wee emos and goths wandering about in their multi coloured outfits! Made me feel old as I kept wanting to pull up all the guys trousers as they had them hanging off their hips and showing of their pants! My daughter just gave me a look of distain when I told her this - kids eh?
Hubby is stomping about in a major strop at the moment as he has a sore shoulder! Shame eh? He's also peed off with our lack of funds but hey what can I do about it? Not having much luck with the lottery and don't have any rich relatives who might have remembered me in their wills so guess we'll just have to get on with it, even if it does mean eating beans and toast for the next few months! Only 57 days until Christmas - oh happy joy joy!

By Pamela on Oct 11, 08 02:37 PM in

Hello again, kids are on holiday for the week so have to think of ways to amuse them (cheaply - ha!) but just know that won't work out! I'd really like to get my hall decorated but so far I have been asked where I am taking them! We usually go to Centerparcs this time of year - expensive but worth it - but I didn't book it quick enough! Guess with the credit crunch everyone decided to holiday at home. So daughter number 1 has been stomping about in a huff because we're holidaying at Chateau Green! One of my mates is going to Cyprus on Sunday for a week and was telephoned by her travel agents yesterday to inform her the hotel she booked has closed early so she is being moved to a similar one but unfortunalely there is some building work being done!! She's a bit worried as to how bad it'll be! That's probably what would happen to me! Haven't been abroad for a few years now as I find it a total nightmare taking small kids abroad! Now that we have 4 kids we'd have to sell the house to pay for a holiday abroad! Great fun! Daughter number 1 has just floated past and asked me what I would do if I won the lottery tonight? Hmmm! What would I do? Knowing my luck if my numbers did come up so what half the countrys and I would be lucky to win a tenner!!
I would probably pass out with shock for starters then think I would move into a mega posh hotel until I got my head around it all, would definately not go public! Just think how wonderful it would be to go to the shops and buy things you really wanted without going bankrupt?
Ah a girl can dream can't she? Have to go and see what the small ones are up to as it has all gone very quiet.....

By Pamela on Oct 3, 08 09:41 AM in

Woo hoo my blog is on the internet! How exciting is that?
what's with our weather? Get up in the morning and never know what to wear, guaranteed if I wrap up warm the sun comes out and then I'm too hot or I wear summery clothes and freeze grrr! I was in York last weekend to celebrate my anniversary and the weather was gorgeous best we've had all summer!
The kids had a Harvest day at school this week which was nice, we used to do that when I was at school (and that wasn't yesterday!) so it was lovely to hear the kids talking about it. I love autumn time especially when the clocks go back and the nights get darker.
All the kids talk about now is Halloween and Christmas as the shops are full of costumes, sweets etc for Halloween and some have Christmas stuff in too! Drives me nuts that and all the adverts on TV for toys and games! It must drive shop workers insane having to put up with Christmas months before it arrives!
I keep telling my lot that Santa has been affected by the credit crunch so won't have much in his sack this year! They replied by saying why doesn't he go to the bank and take out more money? Or my son said why not use his credit card? What's a mum to do?

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