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First blog

By Pamela on Sep 12, 08 11:31 AM in

Hello here is the first instalment of my blog, hope it manages to entertain you as much as it entertains me to write it!

My youngest started nursery in August so I now have two hours and fifteen minutes to myself! It felt strange at first coming home on my own but now I quite enjoy the peace and quiet. However now I’m debating about whether or not to help out at the school as they are looking for Parent Helpers? Do I give up my time to help out or do I continue to enjoy the peace and quiet? Dilemma, dilemma!!

We’re trying to get some decorating done before Christmas comes along but are not getting on too well with that! I detest decorating and wish I could move into a hotel until it was all completed – sigh! One can dream! Mind you all this doom and gloom about the credit crunch means don’t really have the spare cash to do anything! No joy with the lottery either!

All I seem to have done in the past week is hand out money – money for my eldest to do cooking at school, money for the kids to go to Scout Camp and next week it’s Book Fair at school so that will be more money! Is it just my kids that think their parents have a never ending supply of cash?!!

Guess I’d best go and harvest the money tree!

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