The Brain Drain

By Jayne on Feb 27, 09 06:55 PM in music


This was tagged on to a previous post, but I think that it has become more important.

I am fairly bummed about the demise of the Sunday Showcase and Misssy M's film club; two things which, to me, were signs of the creative tide turning in Aberdeen.

Huzzah, a new era for Aberdeen where creative people are valued and supported by Aberdeen City and Shire.

The curfew flies in the face of some good work by the Arts department in the City Council to create more dialogue between creative practitioners in the North-East and encourage cross discipline collaboration. Also to create a support network which is self sufficient in creating opportunities for itself.

The proposed curfew IMO does not tackle the real problem, which is of flocks of drunk people coming out of clubs all at once.

  • The Council should tackle the problem at the source, by penalising those licensees who serve alcohol to already-drunk people.

  • Conversely, they should reward responsible traders with extra opening hours. This blanket approach didn't work in Glasgow, didn't work in Edinburgh, so why do they think it will work here?

  • Bear in mind that there seems to have been virtually no consultation with existing licensees on the proposed curfew, despite the fact that the FOI documents that I received specified that a consultation should be arranged before taking the proposal any further.

  • ACC have also ignored the initial suggestion by Aberdeen Taxis for the curfew to be one hour from closing and instead have made it 12.30pm for all pubs and clubs. Considering the lack of industry guidance on the issue and the suggestion by Aberdeen Taxis, there is no justification for the curfew to be that early.

I can't help but feel that Aberdeen was getting somewhere by means of supporting the arts, but now it is running a great risk of regressing.

Thanks to Andrew Learmonth and Misssy M and their work in
creating exposure for local bands and the North East in general.

They are two of only a few people that are trying to hold back
the tide; people with skills and artistry will probably want to pack
up and leave Aberdeen, and who can blame them.


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William said:

Hi Jayne,

So well put, its the people with the least experience and knowledge of these things that put in place the rules, why dont they just listen to the people who matter, the owners and licensee of the premises.

It didnt work in Glasgow by miles, Edinburgh not so sure and your keeping us up to date with the Aberdeen area, all pulling together for the right thing to be done, how do these people get to make decisions and have the fancy jobs and titles, beggars beyond belief at times.


lorna johnston said:

hi jayne
miss seeing your blog.

lorna johnston said:

hi jayne
i keep looking in but do not see anything.
hope you are keeping okay.
take care

lorna johnston said:

hi jayne
hope everything is fine with you.

lorna johnston said:

hi jayne
just trying to drum up support in the website.
the more who contribute the better and safer the site will be.
if you are busy then maybe someone else who looks in here will try out for a blog.
what is there to lose.
but would really love to see you back with us again jayne. miss you.(seriously).

lorna johnston said:

hi jayne
long time no see.
just popped in.

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