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Go Joe!

By Jayne Burnett on Dec 17, 09 12:11 PM in

Well, another year, another X Factor final. I am so happy that Joe won. He was definitely the best. I love him, he is amazing. He was my favourite all the way through.

I can't wait for his single to come out and I think it will definitely be Christms number one. People are saying Susan Boyle will get it, but I think Joe will, because he is well better.

I like Susan Boyle. She is great and everything and I am happy that she's doing well, but Joe's just more my kind of music. And he is gorgeous.

Go Joe!

Oh no, I've got the holiday blues. Why is it, no matter how much you like your life, it always seems so boring when you come back from holiday?

I had such a great time in Spain. It was amazing. I met loads of people and made new friends, but the problem is, I just want to be back there with them. I miss them already.

Maybe, when I finish college I'll take off and go and live somewhere sunny. My cousins went to Australia this year and they loved it. Maybe I can go and live in Spain? Oh well, it's worth dreaming.

Bring on the dark nights and cold days of winter. Booo.

Sunny Spain, here I come!

By Jayne Burnett on Sep 24, 09 12:01 PM in

jayne burnett 2.jpg

Oh, I am so excited, I cannot wait. We are going on holiday to Spain this Sunday- for two whole weeks.

It will be brilliant. It's just me, my mum and dad and my wee brother and none of us can wait- we've not been on holiday for years and I've been working really hard at college so I really feel ready for it.

We went to Spain years ago and we loved it. I think it will be really different this time though, because I'm kind of a grown up now so I'll be able to go out to the pubs and stuff. I'm excited about thatm, but also just lying about in the sun. A bit of a mix really.

Most of all I'm just looking forward to being on holiday. Bring it on."

The last days of summer

By Jayne Burnett on Sep 3, 09 02:09 PM in

Well, that's me back to college and I'm pretty excited.

It's good being back and seeing all my friends again. Holidays are great, but you do miss people. And then you're back with them every day- you forget how annoying they can be. I'm living with it though!

This is my second year of three, and I'll hopefully be leaving to get a job when I'm finished, so I'm going to enjoy being a student in the meantime.

vote enable scotland small.jpg
Ok- I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and hearing about what I'm up to. Now, I'd like to ask you to help me with something.

The charity that supports me, ENABLE Scotland, is up for a vote to be the chosen charity for the Glasgow Twestival - that's a festival organised through Twitter. If they get the most votes, they get the money simple as that.

I can't think of any other charity in the world that deserves it more. The changed my life. I look at myself before I got involved with ENABLE and I see a different person. I never thought I could be what I am now, but they saw me for what I am, not just my disability.

They taught me that I should believe in myself, that I can achieve anything, and I shouldn't let my learning disability stop me. And they do the same for hundreds of other people who have learning disabilities.

That's why I'd like to ask you, if you have a spare five seconds, to take the time to do one click- and vote for ENABLE Scotland.

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