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2010- here we go!

By Jayne Burnett on Jan 11, 10 04:50 PM in

Well, that's Christmas and New Year over for another year. It was so brilliant. It is my absolute favourite time of year. I just love having all of my family around. And wow- a proper white Christmas this year.

Christmas was really amazing. I had my dinner at my gran's and it was so tasty. I love Christmas dinner. I got loads of presents- I feel totally spoiled and it was great.

New Year was great as well. I had a big party before New Year's Day and since it was my first New Year being over 18, I can come out and say that I was pretty much drunk that night. Well, it is new year isn't it?

I'm not bothering with New Year's resolutions this year. Nobody ever keeps to them anyway, and I'm happy with my life. There's nothing that I want to change, so why bother?

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