Queen for the Queens

By Kevin McIntyre on May 23, 09 11:44 PM in In the news

Rev Scott Rennie.jpgThis jolly chap is the Rev Scott Rennie from Aberdeen. He is well liked by his congregation and can, by all accounts, do his "job" very well.

So why have The Church of Scotland got their knickers in twist about him?

Because, (sharp intake of breath, and mumbling behind my hand) he's gay.

As if that wasn't Earth shattering enough, he's co-habiting with his boyfriend!!!!

Hands up who knows one or more gay guys/wummin? (Jaggy puts his hand up)

How many of those gay guys/wummin are incapable of doing their job because of their "affliction"? None, I would bet.

That's why I find this whole saga in the Church of Scotland so brilliant! It makes a mockery of the whole set-up.

To me it's quite simple, either the holy guys in the Church of Scotland et al know what the Big Man thinks about homosexuality, or they don't. Surely there is no middle grey area.

Put it this way, the Bible was written 2 thousand years ago, and then re-written in the couple of centuries following, but there have been no major changes, or looking at it from my point of view as a techy sort of guy, patches, since. So unless the upper echelon of the Church of Scotland are conversing personally with big G himself then the answer is already there, in the book they have defined their lives with for the past wee while. Any confusion on the issue of whether to let a gay co-habiting guy have a parish in Queens Cross, Aberdeen must surely then come down to, dare I say it, homophobia and confusion of the real issues in the church.

Do us all a favour Church of Scotland dudes, if the Rev Scott Rennie wants to be gay, and do gay stuff in his spare time then there's not a great deal you guys can do about it. Unless you're going to get all Old Testament Leviticus on his ass, then put up or shut up.

EDIT: This just in, in their vote tonight, they've appointed him, there were still 267 opposed however.


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lorna johnston said:

hi kevin
hope you are keeping fine.
miss seeing your blog.

lorna johnston said:

hi kevin
long time no see.
trying to drum up support.
miss seeing your interesting, varied blogs.
please come back and write more.
it is worth it.
ps tell me to get lost if you think i am being too pushy but doing it for a good cause.

Alan said:

Well, where to begin ?
I'll start by saying that The Bible has The Creator (we call him God in english) saying that homo's whether man or woman are ''like DOGS'' before his eyes !
Now we can be all meely-mothed as humans and take it that The Creator is telling 'lies' OR we can accept his teachings and call a spade a spade and say that their practise is evil and filthy into the bargain ... the choice is yours to take or leave but remember this that same bible teaches 'it is appointed unto man to die.... THEN the judgement.... and it gives a warning on saying something which is evil - good and good -evil so beware AND read your bible for what it is folk ... God's Word.

macroibin said:

Good man, Alan. The most amazing thing about homosexuality is that a large part of that ilk had there first sexual experience as children via an older man. Homosexuality doesn't describe the age of the parties involved only the gender. This man should have satisfied himself with wearing a dress on sundays but to practise the sin whilst claiming a leadership role and whilst being licensed to minister to children should be a legal matter at least. Any church should not be afraid to love Christ enough to uphold His Truth.

lorna johnston said:

hi kevin
when are you going to come back and write another blog?
its been a long time.

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